Bad dream, clear direction!

One of the hardest things I ever had to do was to break up with my boyfriend of six years.  When I was 20 years and met the Lord, it became apparent that we were going in two different directions. The years that followed were filled with an intense cleaning out, restoring and learning — the Holy Spirit was getting rid of baggage, really , [but that is a story all by itself!]. and my focus was not on dating, but growing, hearing God, valuing relationships.

That’s why, seven years later when I met Keith, Continue Reading…

“I’m not that nice.”

Little Billy was only three years old. It was nighttime, and we were going through our routine. First he had a fun, relaxing bubble-bath. Brushing teeth was next, then… time for a snuggly story. Prayer together–the last thing on the agenda.  I was praying for him:  “Thank you, Lord, that Billy is so kind to his brothers and sisters. Thank you that he loves them and shares with them.”

“No, Mom!” he stopped me.  “I’m not that nice!  Don’t say all those good things about me.” Continue Reading…

God in the Picture

When Danny was almost three, our family car was a ten-year-old, red and black Suburban. On one particular occasion, when it needed repair, we had to borrow a car from my sister-in-law Barbara. We went through the process of moving the car seat and loading the children with all their stuff into her car.

As we were driving away, Danny asked me about it, his little mind taking it all in and processing the changes. “Why are we taking Aunt Barbara’s car?” Continue Reading…

Living Yes! Saying No

Patrick was four and Anna was six; they were playing outside on the swingset. I stopped to look out the window just to check on them. At that moment, the next-door neighbor Josh, who was seven, came over to join the fun. They were going up the ladder and down the slide over and over. Isn’t it amazing how children enjoy repetition without boredom?

Patrick had his hands on the rail to climb up, when Josh came running around for another turn. He grabbed Patrick’s arm and started to pull him away from the ladder. Patrick hung on. Josh pulled again. Patrick hung on. Josh was pulling one more time when Patrick turned his head toward Josh and yelled “NO-O-O!” in Josh’s face. Josh backed up a full step while Patrick went up the ladder.

As a young dad I was proud of my son for taking a stand.

As our children grow up they must learn to say NO to many things: to bullies, to temptation, to fear. How do we build that into them? Continue Reading…

Matthew got it right!

I just spent a week at Camp Kletos with sixty-five campers, aged nine to fourteen. They were divided into six groups, each group led by two high school students, one boy and one girl. Six other high school students provided support in activities, and eight adults rounded out our staff. We played games, competed for points, memorized scripture, swam, attended workshops, presented skits, listened to morning teaching and worshiped. Yes, we worshiped.

This was my twenty-fifth year at this camp and I have always been amazed when the children step forward to worship. This year the boys led the way, stepping out of their seats and moving forward toward the band to lift their hands. They wanted to be in God’s presence.

At the beginning, their hearts were open in varying degrees. Some watched curiously; they were not too sure about this. Others entered in wholeheartedly. Many were in between.

Now, watching boys worship is always interesting. Continue Reading…

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