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RELATIONSHIP TRAINING: Teach in the calm; apply in the crisis

Problem? Name-calling, hurting words, flashing tempers, getting even, slamming doors, shutting out, feeling pain, causing pain. Always a crisis.

The best time to train and to teach is not in a CRISIS situation. Unfortunately, that’s when we usually try to do it. But when we’re doing that, we are way behind, and “playing catch-up” is hard. Continue Reading…

RELATIONSHIPS: Getting along is not natural

Getting along is not natural; it is supernatural. It will require godly parental involvement and judgment.

Last week, we began to discuss relationships in our homes. We saw that conflicts need our involvement. As parents, we have to stop what we are doing in order to bring help and healing into the relational conflicts that occur in the course of daily living.

So what do we actually do? How do you stop two fighting children who really are angry and hurt?

Here’s what we learned along the way. Continue Reading…

RELATIONSHIPS: “A little heaven on earth” at home

Occasionally as I am grading papers, I find that there is a little window into the souls and lives of my students, which actually is what I hope for.  I hope to build relationships, to get to know the kids that I teach.
Here are a couple of samples from the past:

“My brother loves to torment me about many things.”
“When I was little, my sister would taunt me with toys until I cried.” Continue Reading…

TRAINING: Say goodbye to bullies! Part 2

Matt walks into a room at the beginning of school. His head is tilted downward a little, he glances sideways to find a seat. If he makes eye contact with anyone, he immediately averts his gaze, looking somewhere else for a seat. He chooses a seat that he thinks is safe, and if possible, isolated. When he sits down, he keeps his gaze and posture forward, trying to size up the others in the room without them knowing it.

Jeff walks into a room at the beginning of school. His head is up, his eyes looking directly at the other people in the room. He pauses and sizes up the room, chooses a seat and heads directly toward it. On the way he speaks to one or two others with a smiling “Hey” or “Hi.” He sits, turns in his chair and introduces himself, “Hi, I’m Jeff. What’s your name?”

Which one of these two will become a target? Continue Reading…

RELATIONSHIP: “Eat your food, son…”

This blog is not ours, not directly. It is Jean-Luc’s. He wrote this not long ago, and I asked him if I could reprint it on our blog. So, from Jean-Luc’s perspective, come sit with us at dinner.

Our dinner table was always a center of laughter, of joy, of stories and songs, of the day’s events, of schedules and commitments, and of discipline and correction. I view our table with deep fondness…it has fostered so much that I see as necessary to my growth. It also fostered memories which I cherish and will re-live when my childhood is far behind me. Continue Reading…

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